Peacock Wedding Shower

This weekend I hosted a wedding shower for my sister. She has always loved peacocks, so I thought it would be the perfect theme. Apparently unicorns are a much more popular party animal. It was difficult to find peacock related party items, so some creativity was needed to pull this off.

I scowered through the internet to find invitations. Most of the peacock ones I came across were pretty tacky. I finally found some simple and clean looking invites through The invitations are designed by an independent artist and are on recycled paper, which my green realtor sister would approve of!

For decorations we added peacock feathers to floral arrangements. It was tough to find flowers in our colour scheme so we sprayed some of the flowers with turquoise floral spray that my mom picked up from Michaels.

I am not a baking master, but luckily I know some people that are. My sister in-law got really creative and made some mini donuts, cake pops, love cookies, dipped Oreos and cheesecake bombs, all with the peacock theme in mind. If you are interested in her baking, her link is here.

A former dance student made the sugar cookie favours, which were so intricate and eye catching. Each cookie had unique details which made them extra special. You can check out her other amazing creations here.

The cake was made by a former classmate. The edible gum paste feathers and peacock topper were handmade in Poland and can be found on Etsy. I opted for buttercream icing instead of fondant for a change. The cake itself was teal and blue on the inside. If you are interested in Ashley’s cakes you can see more here.

I prepared my favourite kale, goat cheese and berry salad with homemade red wine dressing. It was a huge fail though as I forgot to put it out! I guess in all the commotion it slipped my mind. I plan on eating salad for the next week!

Instead of salad, one lucky guest went home with 689 gummy candies, which was part of a candy guessing game. For a dentist, I sure had a lot of sweets at this party. Hopefully everyone brushed and flossed that night!

For the decor outside, I blew up a bunch of balloons in jewel tone colours, attached them to a wedding arch and topped it off with a 3D love balloon. It took about 100 balloons to fill the arch and I have the blisters on my fingers to prove it! If anyone has a solution to this please let me know!

We also brought out Pricilla the inflatable peacock. I tried to find live peacocks to rent for the party, but there was no such thing in the area so Pricilla came to the rescue! The kids loved playing on her, but she did sustain an injury and will have to be patched up soon.

The shower ended up being a success. So many hours go into something that is over in what seems like an instant. My sister has always been a party girl and loves planning elaborate events, so I wanted to have something special for her. Everyone dressed up in peacock colours, drank sangria and showered my sister with beautiful gifts. If you are here to find inspiration for your peacock shower, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Happy Day,



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  1. HistorianRuby

    This is amazing! So creative! I’m trying to pull together the decorations for my silver wedding anniversary party next weekend – yes I’m only just thinking about it with 5 working days to go . . .


    • kiracanadiangirl

      Thanks Madeleine ❀️ I did not get around to doing the peacock balloon wall. I had the worst blisters on my fingers from tying the balloons. They still haven’t healed after 2 weeks 😭


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