Should You Post Your Bikini Shot on Instagram?

I recently posted a photo to my Instagram that created a bit of a stir. A lot of my followers are friends, family and colleagues and I believe I exposed them to more of myself than they had bargained for. I honestly thought nothing of it until my mother called me with concerns about bearing too much online. So now I am sitting here debating if I should be posting close up bikini photos in the future. I am not going to post the photo on here and subject my followers to it again (although my last 6 photos are in the sidebar and it is likely there). Here is a photo of Lover’s Key Beach instead:

In my defence, I am a grown woman, not a teenager. I am not posting bikini shots to boost my self esteem. I am very confident in my body and who I am. My husband and I have been taking photos like these for years on vacation and they live on memory cards. A lot of them are very beautiful images that are never seen. I often joke with Eric that he better show them at my funeral! Since I started my travel blog, I have been posting more of these photos as they are a part of what we do on vacation. But maybe I took this one too far and should have left it until I was 6 feet under….

In the defence of my followers, when I post something on Instagram I am subjecting them to an image that cannot be erased from their memory. My best analogy is the hunting or animal cruelty posts that you see on Facebook. When I see those images it deeply upsets me and I wish I never saw them. Some of my followers have known me since I was an infant and still see me as that little girl in her big red rainboots. So an image of my behind may be a shock. Others are colleagues that hold me to a higher professional standing.

I do not want to offend people or make them think less of me. I really just want to share the best work from our travels and post promotable content. I will continue to post bikini shots, but will try to provide more distance and have it less in your face. I am interested in hearing your feedback on this topic.

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Kira Canadian Girl


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  1. The Shining Gem

    I don’t think it was wrong of you to post such pictures. I think it is very empowering and of course a few people are going to be offended with it, but it isn’t that big a deal. It is all up to your discretion, if you feel like posting such pictures, more power to you, if you don’t, that’s fine too. Don’t change your actions based on what others think.

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  2. crystalsandcurls

    Not at all! I understand your mother’s concerns (I have them about my little cousins all the time; it’s protective and totally natural) but you’re a grown woman and there’s nothing at all offensive in the fact that you’re in a bikini. It doesn’t discredit your professionalism; you aren’t offering your co-workers sex it’s literally just a very tasteful shot of you on the beach. If anything it’s inspiring – you look great and I need to get MY ass to the gym LOL! xx

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  3. Kyra

    I think it’s a good thing to post pictures that exude confidence, I feel like we as women need to see that more. We are all so quick to talk about insecurities, it’s so nice to see the other side, that’s where we all should live. The coolest thing of all is sexy, beautiful, confident and professional are not mutually exclusive.

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  4. sensibledove

    I love that you pointed out both viewpoints (theirs and yours) and I admire that you are so thoughtful about the people this affected (offended) that you’d even consider making a slight change. After all, they are loved ones, not just strangers.
    Judy @sensibledove

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