Could You Be More Canadian (Nicer) On Social Media?

It is well known that Canadians are friendly people. Our favourite word is sorry, we eternally wave when people let us in on the road and we pay it forward in the Tim Hortons line. I personally consider myself a friendly Canadian and a conscientious person. So when I see bad behaviour and poor manners on social media, I feel that people could learn a few things from us. Let’s just be a little kinder to one another with these three simple tips;

1. Support One Another

The whole point of social media is to interact with one another. This is my favourite part of it; that we can connect with people from all over the world that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. Social media is not all about you. It is about connecting and engaging with one another and showing your support for the ones you have decided to follow. So show some love and comment a bit more. I am super supportive of people that I know in real life, as I like to see what they are up to. Some of these people have never liked a single post I have put up; and I am not posting pics of my half eaten lunch! This boggles my mind. I think some people post things and then don’t bother to look at anyone else’s. What is the point of that?!? Let’s show some more support and stick around to see what people are doing.

2. Say Thank You

This should be a given, but thank someone when they leave a nice comment by liking their comment or commenting back. I am surprised that a lot of people, especially those with larger accounts don’t do this. I will often go through the list of people that liked my posts, see if I missed some of their content and send back some likes. This might be taking things to an extreme, but like I said I am a contentious Canadian!

3. Don’t Use People to Get Ahead

Some of you may or may not know about the follow/unfollower. This is a person that follows you in hope that you will follow them back. Once you follow them back, they quickly unfollow you and hope you don’t notice. It is a way for this person to build a large following by fooling others into following them. This is my biggest pet peeve on social media. I can see one of these people from a mile away as they usually have about 50k Followers, follow about 1000 and have mediocre (but sometimes good) content. This practice is completely self serving, rude and unethical. If a business does this to me it makes me question their integrity. This really goes against everything that social media is intended for as it is very one sided.

To this date, I have been a victim of the follow/unfollower 1325 times on Instagram! To identify these people I have the Follower App which shows me who has unfollowed, deleted likes and comments etc. No matter how you try and justify follow/unfollowing to yourself, don’t do it! I could have tens of thousands of followers by now if I used this method, but I’d rather maintain my integrity and do things the old fashion way. Just ask yourself, what would a Canadian do?

I hope I have inspired you to be a little more thoughtful on social media. What are some of your pet peeves on social media or the blogger world? I would love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Walk the Goats

    General politeness does a lot to simply make the world a better place, be it on line or in real life. It’s good to be reminded of that.

    When I saw your comment about “sorry,” I decided maybe I was Canadian in another life. I wrote about saying “sorry” too much!

    (Hope it’s ok to post a link to my post. If not, you can add that to your next post on blogging etiquette!)

    Thanks for this. Nice pictures, too.

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  2. Words that make noise

    Wonderful post. This follow unfollow thing is seriously annoying.
    I dont understand why people find it so hard to genuinely follow and support each other’s work.People are simply after likes and number.
    Anyways, i cant agree more with ur post, i feel the same way.And this actually is a great place where we can know people from so distant places whom we would hv not known otherwise.Atleast i will try to support others work πŸ™‚

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  3. chrisadella 🌞

    Oh my goodness. I hate when people follow and unfollow just to gain followers. I once had someone follow me on Twitter. Their content was good, and I actually enjoyed their page. I went back the next day and they had unfollowed me. I felt obliged to send them a direct message, pretty much stating exactly what you wrote! He never replied. Ugh, how angry that makes me!

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  4. ruthsoaper

    I think I might be part Canadian or maybe some has rubbed off on me because I live close to the US/ Canada boarder. While I don’t use social media (only my blog) I find rudeness unacceptable.
    I do not, however, like it when people say “I’m sorry” all the time (the part of me that’s not Canadian) LOL. I think it should be said when it is meant. I often call people out on it by saying “No you’re not” or “why are you sorry?”
    This was a great post.

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  5. sensibledove

    I really enjoyed this post. Number 3 is also my biggest pet peeve. It drives me crazy. I don’t have an app but if I notice who they are I do unfollow them, because I feel it is quite unethical and plain pathetic.

    So by the way, I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award and have nominated you for the same. Check out my Mystery Blogger Award post for the details. YAY for us!
    Judy @sensibledove

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