Proud Not Loud: What Makes us Canadian

With Canada Day upon us, I couldn’t help but reflect on what makes this country such a great place to live. I am definitely a proud Canadian, but not one to shout it off a rooftop. We are not loud or boastful when it comes to our patriotism, it just isn’t the way we roll. Instead, we are a humble group of people that are just grateful for being able to enjoy a vast and beautiful landscape.

When we travel, people always greet us with open arms. Our reputation of being a nice and polite group of people precedes us. Now, we don’t want to get too proud about this or we may develop a big head. That would not be very Canadian!

If you come to visit us, you will learn that we are an accepting group of people. We do not discriminate based on colour, religion or sexual orientation. Our country has been built on immigration and continues to welcome those from war torn countries. Because of this, the face of Canada is always evolving. There just isn’t one stereotypical Canadian look.

What attracts people to our country are the freedoms and opportunities. The sky is the limit in terms of how high you want to set the bar for yourself. As a woman, I have taken advantage of every opportunity that has been given to me. I could not imagine things any other way.

Canadians are a caring group of people. We like to open doors for one another, wave when people let us in on the road and pay it forward in the Tim Hortons drive through. We try our best to care for one another through our Universal Healthcare system, assistance programs and the Treaties.

To sum things up about what it is to be Canadian, I can say that we are a proud, polite, caring and accepting group of people. I forgot to mention that we are also resilient given how cold things get in the winter. Can I say that we are cuddly too?! Hope you have a wonderful Canada Day weekend!

Happy Travels,



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      • Joshua Shea

        Being in Maine is nice because we have access to so much of Eastern Canada. It takes the same amount of time to drive to Montreal as it does New York City and Toronto is like driving to Washington from where I live. I’d still take PEI and Nova Scotia any day. They feel like some other planet…in a good way.


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