Kanarraville Falls Hike

Who knew that Utah was filled to the brim with beauty?! So many people looked at me funny when I told them I was going on a trip here. My husband and I love to hike, so we thought that this was the place for us. The Kanarraville Falls Hike was on my list and ended up being my favourite hike in Utah.

The trail head is within the quaint town of Kanarraville. The town is close to Zion National Park, but not inside it. There is an $8 hiking permit, which you pay for at the start of the hike.

This is a 6 mile round trip hike that takes you along along the Kanarra Creek. It is pretty hard to get lost, as the creek is your guide. The trail crosses the creek several times, so you cannot complete this hike without getting wet.

We were here in fall and the water was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It was pretty cold, but we are Canadian, so it did not faze us. You may want to invest in some neoprene socks and waterproof hiking shoes for this one.

I would consider this hike easy to moderate. There is a slight elevation gain at the beginning that gets your heart rate going, but otherwise the hike is pretty flat. There is some balance required as you are hiking in the water and hopping from rock to rock. Some people may benefit from a walking stick to navigate the waters.

This hike takes you up a hill where you can see mountain peaks amongst the changing fall colours.

You then venture into the woods where the colours become up close and personal. You start to hike down the creek and eventually end up at the entrance of a slot canyon.

Inside the canyon is the most majestic waterfall with a ladder and rope to help you up.

Beyond the first waterfall are even more waterfalls.

There is a second waterfall with a ladder at the end of the hike, which was closed the day we were there.

I can not say enough positive things about this hike. It was truly majestic and awe inspiring. We went at a perfect time of year, as barely anyone was on the hike with us. In the summer it is a very popular place.

I highly recommend adding this one to your list if you haven’t completed it already.

Happy Travels,



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